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All busses in Bonnyville and Cold Lake have been cancelled.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Second Annual Students vs Teachers/Parents hockey game Fri, Apr 7 @1PM @BonnyvilleC2 #HNIC

Thursday, 06 April 2017


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All Notre Damers....

ream big

A chieve their best

M ake a difference

E mbrace diversity

R emain faithful

S how respect

Student of the Month


Darby is not only a strong student academically, but in her involvement within out school as well. In November, she participated in our Remembrance Day celebration by reading an account of a heroic pilot in time to music performed by the band. To prepare, she took time out of her day to practice the part and ensure it flowed and followed musical queues and delivered a great rendition of the part with a fellow student. Then, in December, Darby took our donations from the clothing drive to the Friendship Centre during her spare without hesitation. Darby is quick to volunteer and offer her help for activities and to her peers. She is a role model in work ethic and conduct and continues to represent the ÉNDHS spirit. 




Spiritual Students of the Month


Keanna is a strong spiritual student within our school and community. She regularly attends YLL meetings and activities as well as participates in the 6:00 pm youth mass at St. Louis Parish. She plays both guitar and sings in our music ministry and is a kind and supportive student of others within our choir. She shows God's love and kindness through her talents and dedication to others and in our celebrations. Keep up the great work and caring faithfulness. 

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