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All busses in Bonnyville and Cold Lake have been cancelled.

1 week ago.

Second Annual Students vs Teachers/Parents hockey game Fri, Apr 7 @1PM @BonnyvilleC2 #HNIC

Thursday, 06 April 2017


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All Notre Damers....

ream big

A chieve their best

M ake a difference

E mbrace diversity

R emain faithful

S how respect

Student of the Month

Olivia Scott -Olivia is an individual who inspires those around her. Her demeanour around school is on of constant gratitude and a cheerful attitude. She is often helping out those around her in class and outside of class never neglects to include everyone in activities that she is partaking in. Olivia is a strong individual who reflects the best qualities of an  ÉNDHS student. 







Spiritual Students of the Month

Isabella West 

October Spiritual Student Of The Month - Isabella West

Isabella West- Isabella has been an inspiring young woman of God this first semester of school. From including those who are alone at lunch, to participating in a wide variety of community service projects, she goes above and beyond to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our school and community. For example, after participating in “Hungry for the Homeless”, she then went and helped prepare a wedding reception to support a community member who needed extra hands to make it all come together; selflessly giving her time to make someone's big day a success. She is often the first to volunteer and always has a smile on her face shining the hope and love of God.




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